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While the LAMP consortium’s centerpiece is its shared Sakai instance, we offer so much more to our members.

Our intention is to provide the absolute best suite of services so that you and your team can focus on your important mission to educate students.  Because we are a collaboratively governed group, decisions about how we operate are made by people just like you — people who want the best value for their institution and know what services would be the most beneficial.

Review the following list of services to see if what we offer might not be just what you’ve been looking for.

We provide the most current release of, Sakai, the aware-winning open source learning management system.  As a consortium we decide when to move to the next release, usually in early summer each year.  All upgrades, patches, and bug fixes are applied for you so you don’t have to worry about technology issues. We keep the database tuned and running smoothly in a load-balanced environment.

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We’ve enhanced Sakai with integrated VeriCite, the LTI compliant plagiarism detection system.  VeriCite allows professors to have student papers checked for text matching.  They then receive back a report (and, optionally, the student can receive the same report) identifying potential matches and plagiarism sources.  We have a strong pedagogical philosophy about the role of plagiarism detection. We don’t look for ways to catch students plagiarizing; we do look for opportunities to educate students about original work, academic integrity and proper citation. By joining the LAMP consortium you and your faculty have access to this powerful system integrated into Sakai.

We’ve also added live video conferencing from BigBlueButton to our Sakai instance.  Faculty and students, colleagues, or just about any group can convene a live video conference right within Sakai.   Meetings and lecture can be recorded for later playback.

We also provide optional video streaming services from Warpwire, also integrated directly into Sakai. Faculty can manage their media libraries, drop video into any course assignment, lesson, or resource, and students can watch the videos on demand. Warpwire has outstanding analytics to allow instructors to know how much of a video students actually watched.

Our newest addition is the open-source electronic portfolio or ePortfolio system from Karuta. This optional system allows students and others to assemble a portfolio of representative work, providing the students with an excellent representation of their best work while simultaneously deepening learning and supporting programatic assessment to demonstrate student progress toward learning outcomes.

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We take all the worry about maintaining servers, keeping software patched and up to date, and all the hassle out of running Sakai.  In fact, it is possible to implement Sakai on your campus without having to put any additional burden on your IT staff.

Hosting is provided in a tier 1 data center with a redundant backup data center hundreds of miles away.  The centers have high physical security, redundant environmental controls, and quintuple redundant internet connectivity from different carriers.  Backup power is provided by a high capacity diesel generator.  Data is backed up nightly and stored off site.  Each server has a failover redundant server, allowing us to enjoy a proven 99.97% up-time record over the five years — truly world class.

Member schools also enjoy unlimited hard drive space, allowing you to pursue your educational objectives without worrying about file sizes and to truly support life-long learning for your students.

Each member institution provides first-line support to its campus community, closely backed up by CEATH Company support.  This tier 1 and tier 2 support gives you the peace of mind that, should a question arise, you’ll have rapidly available access to an excellent and experienced support staff.

For an additional fee, we also offer 24/7 support to faculty and staff and, optionally, directly to students.

Further, our hosting partner, Longsight, provides additional technical support.  And, indeed, the entire Sakai development community is available to help — the beauty of open source software is that the same people who developed it are the ones who use it, and they’re just as interested as you are in making sure it works right.

You’re never without access to training and faculty development resources.  Special startup training is available, should your faculty need it.  We always emphasize pedagogy first — the technology is only a way to support teaching and learning, and we believe that the “technological tail should never wag the pedagogical dog.”  For faculty who are new to learning management systems, or just new to Sakai, we make sure we provide the information and experience needed to use this outstanding technology to engage students in learning.

We host an annual summer Pedagogy and Technology Conference in which member faculty and staff share what they’ve learned, their leading practices, and their insights.  The conference is a great opportunity to connect with other faculty in your discipline, to learn from those who have gone before, and to build the LAMP community.

We also hold a monthly web conference for member coordinators in which current topics are discussed, additional training is provided, and consortial decisions are made.

We provide integration to systems you may already have in place on your campus.  If you have a campus authentication system such as Active Directory or other LDAP system, we can integrate the LAMP Sakai instance with that, providing your users with a single user ID and password access to Sakai as well as your other campus systems.  This also provides you with ultimate control over your users; only those users that you allow access to your other campus systems through LDAP have access to Sakai.

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Further, we can integrate the LAMP Sakai instance with your administrative system (DataTel, Banner, PowerCampus, Jenzabar, and so on).  This can automate the creation of course sites each academic term and automatically enroll students.  The integration also identifies students who drop a class and removes them from the appropriate course site in Sakai.

If you have a campus portal, we can also integrate Sakai with that, providing your students, faculty and staff with access to Sakai directly from your portal.

When you join LAMP, we work with you to create a “skin” that reflects your institutional brand, including your logo and color scheme.  All courses can then be branded with this “skin,” enabling your students to know they are in your Sakai system, despite the fact that you’re saving costs by using a shared Sakai instance.

Perhaps the most important service of LAMP is that you are in a truly collaborative community with other like-minded institutions which see the value of working together for mutual support and cost sharing.  This is a vibrant and active community with over 13,000 active users.  Our governance is collaborative and we truly want each other to succeed!

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