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July 30 and 31, August 1, 2012


Johnson University Knoxville, Tennessee

Conference Agenda:
Monday, July 30
1:00 AM to 1:55 PM
The Community Gathers
Martin Ramsay (CEATH Company)
Russell Preaching Center 153
This first session of the conference will introduce participants to each other, provide an overview of the conference, and discuss the current status of the Sakai consortia.

2:00 PM to 2:55 PM
A Comprehensive Course Development Methodology

John Ketchen (Johnson University)
Russell Preaching Center 153
Developing well designed online courses involves three elements on which this session focuses: process, product, and personnel development. The process follows three stages of course development. The product element focuses on course quality. The personnel element examines online faculty development.

Using E-Portfolios
Jamie Russell (St. Catharine College), Terry Golightly (Kentucky Christian University)
Russell Preaching Center 155
Sakai’s integrated electronic portfolios are a powerful tool for gathering evidence of student learning from a variety of sources, both internal to Sakai and external.  Come to this panel discussion to discover how other institutions are using e-portfolios in such fields as teacher education and others.
Report from the Sakai Conference including the Sakai Roadmap
Scott Siddall (The Longsight Group LLC)
Russell Preaching Center 152
The annual international Sakai conference was held in Atlanta this year from June 11 through 14.  Developers from all over the world as well as faculty and IT people gather for this important annual event to work on and plan for Sakai’s future.  This presentation will review the many developments at the conference, including the roadmap from the current Collaborative Learning Environment (CLE) of Sakai to the future Open Academic Environment (OAE).  The session will be presented by a member of the Sakai foundation board.

3:00 PM to 3:55 PM Teaching Online with Sakai Tools Terry Golightly (Kentucky Christian University)
Russell Preaching Center 153
Sakai is a vast, powerful tool for teaching online that permits a wide variety of teaching/learning integration strategies to be chosen that are relevant for the 21st Century student.  This workshop explores the best ways to use Sakai in meeting learning objectives and managing instruction.  The participant will begin their Sakai course construction by understanding choices they have and how these choices relate to their objectives for the course.

Motivating Faculty to Participate Jamie Russell (St. Catharine College), Nora Hatton (St. Catharine College)
Russell Preaching Center 155
Sometimes faculty are reluctant to jump into the Learning Management arena.  How do you go about motivating faculty to participate in the use of technology such as Sakai for improving teaching and learning?  Come to this session to share your best ideas and to learn from others.
From Zero to Implementation Martin Ramsay (CEATH Company)
Russell Preaching Center 152
This session reviews the process for joining the LAMP or LikeBerea consortium.  The time from initial interest to full implementation can be surprisingly short ... and surprisingly easy.  Topics included cover the membership Letter of Agreement, developing your organization’s branding, adding users, integrating with your administrative system, and getting faculty and staff trained and up to speed.

4:00 PM to 5:00 PM Community Activity Martin Ramsay (CEATH Company)
It has become a long-standing tradition at the LAMP summer conference that the community engages in some form of interactive learning activity, often outdoors (weather permitting) and involving some form of game-like learning.  Come to this session to see what is in store this year!

6:00 PM to 8:00 PM Group Dinner We believe strongly that the “extracurricular” aspects of the conference are just as important as the more formal ones.  It has long been a tradition of the Pedagogy and Technology Conference that we go to dinner together.  Dinner on Monday night will be at the Chop House on Chapman Highway.

Tuesday, July 31
9:00 AM to 9:55 AM Engaging Students with Discussion Forums Drew Hill (Bethel University)
Russell Preaching Center 153
The Forums tool is one of the most used in the entire Sakai universe.  This session will focus on the basics of using the Forums tool effectively for engaging students and will emphasize the pedagogical approaches to using Forums.  Along the way, you will learn helpful techniques for maximizing the effectiveness of the Forums tool.

Using Content from Publishers in Sakai Scott Siddall (The Longsight Group LLC)
Russell Preaching Center 155
Did you know that many publishers provide content that you can incorporate into your Sakai course?  This session will explore several way to use content from external providers such as course cartridges, quiz and test question pools, and content developed and delivered by publishers in other formats.
The Ins, Outs and Arounds of the Course Evaluation System Ken Beck (Kentucky Christian University)
Russell Preaching Center 152
During this presentation we will discuss valuable techniques and applications using the Sakai Course Evaluation System for both course and institutional assessments.  Included in this discussion will be a clarification of some of the limitations using the system, as well as ways to work around some of these limitations.   Participants will be encouraged to suggest other applications that may be valuable to instructors and administration.

10:00 AM to 10:55 AM Guiding Student Learning with Assignments Steve Mattingly (Davis & Elkins College)
Russell Preaching Center 153
Assignments are a fundamental part of nearly every academic course. But there is great variety in the approaches that instructors take to the instructions, submission, feedback, grading, and resubmission of student work. This session will explore the rich feature set of Sakai's Assignments tool, emphasizing support for instructor/student communication.

Branding and Skinning: Not Just for Cowboys David Eveland (Johnson University)
Russell Preaching Center 155
The LAMP and LikeBerea instances of Sakai provide many different ways to “brand” a course.  From developing a “skin” for your institution to individual course design, this session will examine a variety of ways to ensure that courses have the correct marketing look.
Implementing ENTRÉ to Deploy Course Evaluations Nicola Monat-Jacobs (The Longsight Group LLC)
Russell Preaching Center 152
There are three ways to deploy surveys and course evaluations:  on a course-by-course basis, on an ad hoc basis, or to a hierarchy of courses.  This session focuses on this last approach using a new Longsight tool called ENTRÉ that allows a school to deploy course evaluations to a hierarchy of courses at one time.  Come to this session to learn how to deploy a course evaluation campus wide -- or any other hierarchy of courses you may choose.

11:00 AM to 11:55 AM Tracking Student Progress with Gradebook Robin Buchanan (Lees-McRae College)
Russell Preaching Center 153
This session will show you how to set up Gradebook from scratch.  Topics included are:
    * How to set up Gradebook
    * How to add items to Gradebook
    * How to weight grades
    * How to drop highest and/or lowest grade
    * How to link grades to assignments, tests/quizzes, forums
    * Do's and don'ts of Gradebook

Academic Integrity and Plagiarism Detection John Padgett (Brevard College)
Russell Preaching Center 155
The LAMP instance of Sakai has an integrated subscription to Turnitin, the plagiarism detection system.  But how can a tool like Turnitin be used in a pedagogically sound way?  In this session, the focus will be on using Turinitin to teach about academic integrity, proper citation, and intellectual property, instead of just “catching someone copying” from another source.  Along the way, participants will also learn how to use the integrated Turnitin features in Sakai.
Implementing ISIS to Integrate your Administrative System with Sakai Nicola Monat-Jacobs (The Longsight Group LLC)
Russell Preaching Center 152
ISIS is the integration portal that allows your schools to integrate Sakai with your on-campus administrative system such as Banner, DataTel, Power Campus and many others.  ISIS creates courses in Sakai from your Registrar’s final list of courses, then enrolls students automatically in those courses.  It even processes drops and adds as they occur.  Come to this session to learn about how ISIS works and to get your questions answered.

12:00 Noon to 1:00 PM Lunch 1:00 PM to 1:55 PM Assessing Student Performance with Tests & Quizzes Randy Callahan (Bethel University)
Russell Preaching Center 153
Assessment is an important topic in higher education and one of the central tools for assessment in Sakai is the Tests & Quizzes tool.  Come to this session to learn the basics of creating, deploying, and analyzing the results of a test in Sakai.

Using Interactive Rubrics for Detailed Grading in Sakai
Ramesh Sabetiashraf (Reazon Systems, Inc. - Makers of iRubric)
Russell Preaching Center 155
Assessment is an important element in any academic endeavor. Yet assessment can prove elusive and difficult to implement and to monitor. Standardized assessments using multiple-choice tests are less effective for authentic assessment than the careful judgement of competencies provided through structured rubrics. Authentic assessment is also often difficult to integrate seamlessly into commonly-used teaching and learning processes. This presentation will focus on a solution to these challenges. LAMP’s instance of Sakai integrates iRubric into the Gradebook tool, enabling rubric-informed authentic assessment across multiple institutions directly within Sakai. Come to this presentation to see how iRubric is easily integrated into Sakai CLE and to learn how authentic assessment can be significantly improved through an integrated tool like iRubric.
BigBlueButton: An Overview of Functions:  Open Source Web Conferencing for Distance Education Fred Dixon (Big Blue Button / Blindside Networks, Inc.), Jesus Frederico (Big Blue Button / Blindside Networks, Inc.)
Russell Preaching Center 152
This session will give you a complete overview of BigBlueButton, including its usage and integration with Sakai.  We’ll describe the various functions of the system, how you can use it to record    you on-line classes and play them back within Sakai.

2:00 PM to 2:55 PM Using an LMS in a Traditional Classroom Wes Golightly (Kentucky Christian University)
Russell Preaching Center 153
A Learning Management System can be a powerful tool in a traditional class.  It helps greatly with course organization, communication, archival of materials, and enhancement of the classroom experience.  This workshop will detail how the presenter has used an LMS to advantage in many different types of traditional classes.  It will also include tips for using various tools effectively and efficiently in a traditional class. 
Building a Pedagogical Approach with Lesson Builder David Eveland (Johnson University), John Padgett (Brevard College)
Russell Preaching Center 155
Lesson Builder is a relatively new tool in Sakai that provides outstanding support for a more linear approach to pedagogy.  This session will focus on ways to use the Lesson Builder tool that guide students from one topic to the next, each module building on the previous one.  Along the way you will learn techniques for managing the sequence of Lesson Builder modules and for managing the content of the modules themselves.
The Future of Virtual Meetings in Sakai Jesus Frederico (Big Blue Button / Blindside Networks, Inc.), Fred Dixon (Big Blue Button / Blindside Networks, Inc.)
Russell Preaching Center 152
This session looks at the road map for BigBlueButton and its integration with Sakai (both CLE and OAE).  We’ll give an overview of the development of the project and the priorities for future versions.  We invite anyone who is interested in this project, who has used BigBlueButton, or who would like to give feedback on its direction to attend.

3:00 PM to 3:55 PM Using LAMP to Teach Fully On-Line Courses Adelia Parrado-Ortiz (Lenoir-Rhyne University)
Russell Preaching Center 153
This session explores how to go about developing a course that will be taught completely on-line without the benefit of in-person interaction with students.  Presented from the perspective of a professor who has taught foreign language courses fully on-line, this session will contain practical advice on how to approach this challenge.

Advanced Lesson Builder Techniques
John Padgett (Brevard College), David Eveland (Johnson University)
Russell Preaching Center 155
Lesson Builder is a powerful new tool in Sakai that allows for a more guided pedagogical approach.  This session, presented by two leading-edge practitioners, will dive deeply into the best practices and techniques for using Lesson Builder to help students learn.
The Longsight Data Center Scott Siddall (The Longsight Group LLC)
Russell Preaching Center 152
Sakai is now hosted in a very sophisticated data center in Chicago (with backups stored off site).  This session will review the capabilities of the new Longsight data center with an emphasis on the security and intense effort being placed on ensuring continued world-class up-time.  Come to this session so that you can speak with knowledge to your colleagues back home about how well Sakai is hosted.

4:00 PM to 5:00 PM Facilitating the Virtual Meeting Martin Ramsay (CEATH Company)
Russell Preaching Center 153
With the inclusion of BigBlueButton in the portfolio of tools offered in the LAMP instance of Sakai, virtual meetings and classes have become increasingly popular.  However, just as there are techniques and skills involved in facilitating a face-to-face meeting, these virtual meeting have their own techniques and skillset.  This session will focus on setting up and conducting a virtual meeting to maximize transfer of knowledge and participant engagement.

Content Authoring Techniques
Terry Golightly (Kentucky Christian University)
Russell Preaching Center 155
There are a number of tools available that support the development of content external to Sakai, but in a way that they can be easily imported into Sakai and made available to students.  This session will provide an overview of such tools, the process by which content can be developed off line, and the ways in which that content can then be made available to students in Sakai.
The Ethical Considerations of Using Turnitin Steve Mattingly (Davis & Elkins College)
Russell Preaching Center 152
Aside from its pedagogical use, are there ethical implications to be considered with the use of Turnitin for plagiarism detection?  What intellectual property rights do students give up if their work is to be analyzed by Turnitin? What ethical responsibility do instructors (and, by extension, their institutions) have when they create assignments that use Turnitin?  What, exactly, does the Turnitin license agreement require of users?  The discussion around these topics is likely to be lively and engaging.

6:00 PM to 8:00 PM Group Dinner The “extracurricular” aspects of our conference continue with our second group dinner together.  Get to know participants from other member institutions in a way that can only happen in a relaxed and informal setting over a good meal.  By popular demand, we will be returning to Puleo’s Grille at the Strawberry Plains exit (number 398) on I-40.
Wednesday, August 1 9:00 AM to 9:55 AM Best Practices for Engaging Students Linda Whitmer (Johnson University)
Russell Preaching Center 153
Dr. Linda Whitmer, former Director of Mission and Professor of Intercultural Studies at Hope International University, is now Dean of the School of Intercultural Studies at Johnson University.  She brings a wealth of international experience in best practices for engaging students all over the world using tools like Sakai.  Her perspectives are sure to challenge and inspire the LAMP community.

Preparing for the Federal Distance Education Statutes Terry Golightly (Kentucky Christian University)
Russell Preaching Center 155
The new Department of Education Federal Regulation 34CFR600.8(c) that went into effect on July 1, 2011, could have major repercussions for LAMP and LikeBerea institutions of higher education.  The regulations basically require any school offering distance education to have an agreement in place with each state from which students are taking distance education courses.  Preparing for these requirements could be arduous and costly.  This session will discuss the very latest in the ongoing court battle about this legislation as well as good strategies for schools to be adopting now to before the Department of Education begins levying fines for noncompliance next July.
Integrating Media into Sakai David Eveland (Johnson University)
Russell Preaching Center 152
Sakai allows you to store media files in its Resources tool.  But what if you want to go further -- to provide streaming video and the like?  This presentation will discuss ways to integrate media into Sakai in ways that go beyond having students download a video file.

10:00 AM to 10:55 AM Changing Paradigms for Better Pedagogy Meri MacLeod (The Digital Seminarian)
Russell Preaching Center 153
Research on learning and new developments in online technologies are coming together to change the assumptions and models of online learning and course design. This session will explore how these emerging models of the next generation of online learning will impact established approaches of course design and teaching.

Support for Instructors and Students G. K. Pennington (Ohio Valley University)
Russell Preaching Center 155
Sakai users are at different levels of knowledge and skills, which presents a challenge to those providing support.  This challenge can be met by using problem solving skills, using an effective orientation process, and training a support team.
Data Analytics using Statistics and the Administration Portal Martin Ramsay (CEATH Company)
Russell Preaching Center 152
This session focuses on the wealth of information about student and faculty engagement available through Sakai.  First the session will look at the powerful Statistics tool to look at individual course engagement.  Then it will look at the data available through the Longsight Administration Portal.  The portal features reports about usage of Sakai, numbers of courses, numbers of users, and much, much more.  If you’re looking for data analytics about your students’ engagement and your institution’s usage of Sakai, this session is for you!

11:00 AM to 11:55 AM Report from the Advisory Council, Planning for Next Year’s Conference, and Conference Wrap-Up Martin Ramsay (CEATH Company)
This important final session before we go our separate ways will focus on the future of the consortium, on planning for next year, and for addressing any suggestions that came up during the conference.  Please plan to attend this important closure to the 2012 Pedagogy and Technology Conference.

12:00 Noon to 1:00 PM Lunch While we recognize that some people will need to get on the road, those who can are welcome to stay and chat for one last meal together before we go our separate ways.  Those who have a long way to travel are welcome to take their lunch “to go.”