2017 Annual Sakai LAMP Camp

Pedagogy and Technology Conference

Call for Papers for the 2017 Conference is now open.
Registration for the 2017 Conference is now open.

The schedule for the 2017 Conference is under construction. Check back here to see the latest schedule updates.

Keynote presentation by Laura Gekeler, member of the Board of Directors of the Open Apereo Foundation and is a Learning Management Professional at Notre Dame University. She will speak on "Why Notre Dame is an Active Player in the Sakai Community."

The following breakout presentations have also been scheduled:

  • Getting Started with the Attendance Tool (Doug Miller, Brevard College)
  • Designing Instructional Videos (Doug Miller, Brevard College)
  • New Features in the Lessons Tool (John Padgett, Brevard College)
  • Plagiarism Detection and Using VeriCite (John Padgett, Brevard College)
  • Customized CSS for Lessons (Eric Greene, Clear Creek Baptist Bible College)
  • Hide and Seek (Rob Keeney, Frosty Acres)
  • LaTex Math (Rob Keeney, Frosty Acres)
  • How to Teach Remotely (Rob Keeney, Frosty Acres)
  • Leveraging H5P to provide interactive elements in your Online Courses (David Eveland, Johnson University)
  • Leveraging Lesson Page Statistics for Measuring Student Engagement (David Eveland, Johnson University)
  • JIRA, Java, Jwha? (David Eveland, Johnson University)
  • We’re Not Talking About Sakai (David Eveland, Johnson University)
  • You Know You Should, But Do You Know How (Terry Golightly, Johnson University)
  • The Tenderfoot Trail - Packing for the Trip (Terry Golightly, Johnson University)
  • Bobcat Bend - Making Camp (Terry Golightly, Johnson University)
  • Eagle Eyrie - On the Trail (Terry Golightly, Johnson University)
  • Setting up a Video Studio (John Harvey, Kentucky Christian University)
  • Google for Education + Sakai = ? (John Harvey, Kentucky Christian University)
  • Transformational Learning: Lessons From a Theologian Turned Online Learning Director
  • Roundtable: Sakai Beyond the Classroom (Melissa Mercer, Lees-McRae College)
  • Sakai Roadmap (Matthew Jones, Longsight, Inc.)
  • Technology Roundtable (Matthew Jones, Longsight, Inc.)
  • Using E-portfolios and Sakai for Assessment and Accreditation (Terry Smith, New Brunswick Theological Seminary)
  • Building ePortfolios in Karuta (Terry Smith, New Brunswick Theological Seminary)
  • New Features in the New Gradebook Tool (Laura Gekeler, Notre Dame)
  • Warpwire Overview (Andrew Synowiez, WarpWire, Inc.)
  • Using Warpwire to Incorporate Video Content (Andrew Synowiez, WarpWire, Inc.)

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