2019 Annual LAMP Pedagogy and Technology Conference

Pedagogy and Technology Conference

July 23, 24 and 25, 2019 • Berea, Kentucky

Registration for the 2019 LAMP Conference is open.

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The 2019 Conference will be jam-packed with sessions for those who are new to Sakai to the most sophisticated technologist. We are currently accepting proposals for presentations. Check back frequently as the schedule develops.

The following have indicated their plans to attend:

  • Ian Dolphin, Executive Director of the Apereo Foundation
  • Chuck Severance, First Executive Director of the Sakai Foundation
  • Mim Pride, President (ret.) Blackburn College
  • Jessica Bright, Director of Professional and Educational Services, Turnitin

TRACK 1 — For those who are newer to distance education or to Sakai
Planned sessions include:
  • The User Experience in Sakai
  • Experiential Workshop for New Faculty (three parts)
  • Moving from Student Experience to Relevant, Compelling Learning
  • Building On-Line Skills into Courses
  • Creating Significant Experiential Learning: Group Projects, Teamwork and Leadership
  • The Course Development Process
  • Building Quality Courses with the Lessons Tool

TRACK 2 — For those who are more experienced
Planned sessions include:
  • An Experience in Rubric Writing
  • Introducing SimCheck
  • Using Sakai to Foster Employee Development
  • Best Practices for Site Setup
  • Site Replication Management Strategies
  • Analytics from Sakai: Leveraging BADGER
  • Leveraging the Warpwire API for Analytics
  • SQL Bootcamp

TRACK 3 — For the technically inclined
Planned sessions include:
  • Overview of the Apereo Foundation
  • What's New in Sakai 19
  • Building a Simple Tsugi Tool in About an Hour
  • Cool Things You Can Do with the CKEditor
  • The Role of IT in Implementing Sakai
  • Using Video as a Learning Experience
  • The Sakai Roadmap: 2020 to 2022
  • Experiencing Tool Design in Sakai: Next Generation Speed Grader
  • Sakai and the other LMS: Insights from the MISO Survey